Give Your Tiny Bathroom A Large, New Seem! — BP Enterprizes

Platform: Platform bathtubs basically are that – a tub built within raised base that is tiled to correspond to the associated with the bathroom. Platforms tubs can be installed 1 of two ways: fully lowered so only within of the bathtub is visible, or slightly visible so only the lip within the tub shows off. […]

Give Your Tiny Bathroom A Large, New Seem! — BP Enterprizes

8 Bathroom Organization Tips   — Matrix Home Solutions

From towels and washcloths to toiletries, your bathroom contains a lot of items to store and keep track of. If you have trouble finding what you need or if it’s time to add more storage space, there are several ways to create a more organized environment in this part of your home. Keep the following bathroom […]

8 Bathroom Organization Tips   — Matrix Home Solutions