Addressing Property Repairs: 10 Resources for Home Buyers

Addressing Property Repairs:
10 Resources for Home Buyers

You’re in the midst of house hunting, and you think you’ve found the ideal home — but you’re worried that you’ll find maintenance issues during the inspection that will dissuade you from putting down an offer. As a home buyer, it’s important to figure out which common repairs you can address after moving in and when it’s best to walk away from a transaction. RenovationFaceTime can assist you in finding a home that meets your standards, and these resources can walk you through the solutions to typical maintenance problems. 

Watch Out for Red Flags

Which signs indicate that you shouldn’t put in an offer on a particular home? Let’s explore the warnings that should give you pause.

  • Serious plumbing issues could lead to extensive (and expensive) damage throughout a property.
  • Be wary of purchasing a home with widespread electrical problems, as this could result in a house fire.
  • Overall, it’s important to carefully determine whether or not buying a home “as is” would really be the best choice for you.

Repairs You Can DIY

If you spot some of these problems during an inspection, don’t fret — you can probably take care of them by yourself. 

  • If your new fence looks a bit shoddy and unreliable, this guide outlines methods for repairing almost any kind of fence.
  • Does your home need a new paint job? Grab a few cans of paint in fun, trendy hues, and get out your rollers!
  • Your new home’s central air filter might need to be replaced. These instructions will show you how to swap it for a new, clean filter.
  • Are your light fixtures looking dim and outdated? You can upgrade them with these DIY tips!

When to Hire a Professional

You might need to call in a contractor for certain maintenance issues. Here’s how to find a professional who can fix the problem.

  • Maybe you’ve noticed minor leaks in your new home. It’s best to call in a plumber rather than attempting to seal them on your own.
  • Don’t try to handle roof repairs by yourself — instead, hire a reputable local roofer.
  • Relying on DIY methods to get rid of mold may not be effective. Bring in a mold removal service to tackle the problem.

When you’re excited about a certain home, maintenance issues are the last thing you want to deal with as a buyer. But repairs don’t have to be a deal-breaker! With these tips, you’ll be prepared to make smart decisions about repairs, even if your new home needs some sprucing up.

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How to Make Money by Documenting Home Improvements Online

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How to Make Money by Documenting Home Improvements Online

Did you know you can make money off your home without even renting it out? It might come as a surprise to you, but it’s possible to get some extra cash just by documenting home repairs and improvements that you make to your home. In order to be successful, you need to build a dedicated following. If you’re curious about how to get started, here are a few tips from RenovationFaceTime.

Determine How to Pay for Improvements

Before you start trying to build an online presence, you’ll need to know how to pay for all the repairs you’re going to be doing. If you don’t have a lot of savings, one of the easiest ways to pay for home remodeling projects is by taking out a home equity loan. 

You can determine your home’s equity by subtracting the amount you still owe on your home mortgage from your home’s current market value. You can find an estimate of your home’s market value online. Once you calculate your home equity, you’ll have a good idea of how much you’ll get if you choose to pay for improvements with a home equity loan. 

Build a Social Media Presence

In order to gain a following, you should take advantage of social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. When it comes to developing a following on social media, the most important thing is to create meaningful content. Instead of just posting before and after pictures, explain the process. The people who look at your posts are more than likely interested in learning how they can make the same kind of repairs to their homes. Creating valuable content will also make it more shareable, which is important when you’re trying to grow your audience. 

Another way to grow your audience with social media is to use hashtags. Sprout Social notes that it’s best to use around 30 hashtags on Instagram, while you should stick with 1–2 for Twitter and Facebook. Keep in mind that these hashtags need to be popular and relevant to the content that you’re sharing. 

Create a Blog

Developing a social media presence and putting together your blog go hand in hand. Your social media accounts should drive traffic back to your blog and vice versa. Like your social media content, your blog content should consist of valuable information. For example, you could explain (in detail) how you had different parts of your home remodeled. 

You should definitely include photographs documenting the process and explain the supplies used. You could also share any DIY projects that you think your followers would find useful. For example, you could explain how to install trim or tile. To draw more readers, make sure you craft a compelling title and intro. 

Put Together a Schedule

To succeed with both blogging and posting on gaining followers on social media, you should have a schedule ahead of time each week. Keep a notebook or document for brainstorming ideas and plan to post regularly. Early in the morning on Mondays and Thursdays is generally the best time to post blog posts, while the best time to post on social media accounts overall is 10:00 AM on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. This is an overall statement. You won’t know what works for you until you try it. Experiment with times to see when your audience engages most. 

Profit From Affiliate Marketing Opportunities

You might be wondering how any of this brings in a profit. This is where affiliate marketing comes in. Once you’ve built an online presence both through your blog and social media accounts, you can start making money by promoting affiliate products. You can do this by sharing a link in a blog post, but OptinMonster notes that all affiliate products should fit in seamlessly with what you’ve written. 

If you put a link in your blog post that doesn’t fit with what you’ve written, this will hurt the reader’s experience. The products you choose need to fit with the theme of your blog: home improvement. 

Bear in mind that if you start to bring in a regular income, you need to legally register your business. Many new business owners find it’s easiest to do this with an online service like ZenBusiness. The service walks you through all business basics, and can help you form an entity like an LLC. An LLC can offer you certain protections and tax advantages, in addition to legitimizing your venture. This also paves the way for boosting your brand awareness and further legitimizes your business in the eyes of your customers.

Once you’ve built a large enough following, you’ll be able to profit off documenting repairs on your home. Keep in mind that you should let your followers know when a post contains affiliate links. To remain credible, don’t market services or products that you don’t believe are quality. If you stick to a schedule and provide valuable content, you’ll soon enjoy the profits. 

Once you finalize a home improvement project with pizzazz, turn to the renovation pros at RenovationFaceTime for ideas on getting top-dollar for your house. That extra cash will prove useful in your next big remodel! Reach out today to connect!

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3 Projects To Help Your Home Sell Faster

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When you decide to sell your home, you hope to get an offer as soon as possible after your listing date. While you want to be sure to get a good price, there are a lot of benefits to selling fast. Buyers are wary of homes that spend too many days on the market. The sooner you close on the sale, the sooner you can move on to the next chapter in your life.

All real estate markets are different, and they tend to shift frequently. While you can’t control supply and demand issues, you can take steps to shorten your home’s selling time. These projects don’t require loads of time or money and can help maximize your home’s appeal to buyers.

1. Catch Up on Routine Maintenance

Before your house hits the market, take some time to catch up on all those repairs and home maintenance tasks you’ve been putting off. Even small imperfections can be off-putting to buyers. Inside your home, take care of issues such as cracked or stained drywall, loose fixtures or railings, windows or doors that stick, creaky boards and dripping faucets.

Outside your home, fix any uneven walkways, broken windows, cracked cement and sagging spots on your porch or roof. Pay special attention to your home’s gutters. Gutters that are clogged with debris can force water under your roofline, leading to issues such as leaks, gaps, moisture and mold growth —major turnoffs for homebuyers.

If your gutters aren’t looking their best, it’s worth calling in a gutter professional. These experts have the skills and equipment to clean your gutters the correct way, and they can also alert you to bigger problems or needed repairs. As a rule of thumb, your gutters should be cleaned at least twice a year, depending on your location. While searching for gutter and downspout cleaning near me, keep in mind that professional gutter cleaning typically costs around $106 to $197, although larger projects can run as high as $350.

2. Deep Clean and Declutter

A dirty, messy home sends the message to buyers that you don’t take good care of your property, evoking fear that hidden problems will pop up frequently in the future. Avoid this message by thoroughly deep cleaning your home before you list it. A sparkling-clean house is more attractive and inviting and instantly puts buyers at ease.

As part of your clean sweep, be sure to remove all clutter and organize any jumbled-up spaces. A clutter-free area looks cleaner and larger. Excellent kitchen and bathroom organization is especially important. Systematically arranged closets, cabinets and shelves create the appearance of more storage space, a must-have for most buyers.

3. Stage and Neutralize Your Space

Most real estate experts agree that neutral, depersonalized homes sell the fastest. The idea is that when you remove tastes and personality, homebuyers are more likely to imagine themselves in the space. You don’t have to call in a professional stager — although research shows that staged houses typically sell 88% faster compared to non-staged homes. Before listing your house, remove any bold or taste-specific décor, paint your home using a neutral color palette, and move some of your furniture and belongings into storage to open up space.

You may be in a hurry to list your home for sale, but skipping the prep work could mean waiting longer to find a buyer. Taking the time to complete these simple projects before your house hits the market can help your home sell as quickly as possible.

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