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Makeover your bedroom decor for less! Discover bedroom design ideas like new light fixtures, new window treatments including blinds or shades, and lots of low-maintenance tips and tricks for a low-cost stunning bedroom transformation.

10 Bedroom Design Makeover Ideas for Less Makeover your bedroom decor for less! Discover bedroom design ideas like new light fixtures, new window treatments including blinds or shades, and lots of low-maintenance tips and tricks for a low-cost stunning bedroom transformation. Get Your Beauty Rest We have everything you need to create the ultimate place of rest! Whether you’re looking for functional upgrade, or you want to revamp the entire room, we can help you stay in budget! From bedroom furniture to paint, shop online or in-store and start your bedroom makeover today.  SHOP HOME DECOR & FURNITURE 1. Get the Best Sleep Ever with New Bedding Changing the bedding in your room is probably the easiest way to makeover your room A simple change in your comforter or pillows can completely transform the look of your bedroom. it’s fast. easy, and inexpensive!  Your bedding can be an ever-evolving seasonal makeover in your bedroom. In the colder months you can add a textured quilt add warmth. texture and dimension to your bedroom decor. In the summer, you’ll want to go for a coverlet, a breathable and lighter option to keep you cool.  SHOP ALL BEDDING 2. Illuminate Your Bedroom with New Light Fixtures A quick light fixture update is a low-cost way to make a big impact. Layering lighting is key, so remember the three reasons to light a room: ambiance, accent, and function  Flush mount light fixtures are perfect for ambient lighting. They hang close to the ceiling but provide enough light to brighten up the entire room. Adding accent lighting, like wall sconces or wall lamps, not only adds to the whole look of your room, but can help illuminate your latest makeover project! Table lamps take the spotlight when it comes to functionality and a decorative lamp shade can tie in with your bedroom decor and bring your whole makeover together.  SHOP LIGHTING 3. Get a Handle on Your Makeover with a Hardware Refresh A simple, but effective way to save money is to change the pulls and knobs on your dresser drawers. You won’t have to make a big purchase, and it will transform the look of your tried and true dresser. When looking for the perfect hardware, keep the colour of your bedroom furniture in mind. For example, if you have white furniture the hardware will become the focus, so try to go for more ornate knobs or pulls. Also, pay attention to the finish of your light fixtures and other metal accents in your room, and try to match the cabinet hardware as close as possible.  SHOP DRAWER HARDWARE 4. Help Save the Planet with Eco-Friendly Light Bulbs Save money in the long term by using energy efficient light bulbs in your fixtures. LED and CFL light bulbs may be pricier compared to incandescent bulbs, but they can decrease your energy bills by 70 percent. Not only will they save you on your bills, but they last longer too! According to Energy Star, the bulbs last 15 times longer and produce 70 – 90 percent less heat than their traditional counterparts. Energy efficient light bulbs come in various styles from pot lights to decorative lights. which means you can benefit from the savings no matter which light fixture you choose.  SHOP ALL LIGHT BULBS 5. Get Cozy with an Area Rug A simple addition of an area rug can make your bedroom the ultimate relaxation spot providing comfort, warmth and style.  From mosaic patterns to subtle stripes. choose a rug that expresses your personal style. Find a rug that complements your window coverings for a more cohesive look in your bedroom. Plus, area rugs with a high pile height provide a great source of warmth on cold mornings! Functionally, area rugs protect hard floors from damage caused by furniture. Functional and stylish, how can you say no to an area rug?  SHOP AREA RUGS 6. Refresh Your Room with a Fresh Coat of Paint A quick coat of paint is a great way to completely transform your room without spending a lot. The colour of your room is dependent on what type of atmosphere you want to create. For a tranquil, spa-like atmosphere go for neutral colours like soft browns, coal blues, and hues of green that will create a calming effect. If you’re feeling luxurious, paint with undertones of gold are perfect, and bright shades will make your space feel cheery.  Tip: Consider an accent wall for the space behind your headboard!  SHOP PAINT & PRIMER 7. Get Organized There are plenty of storage solutions for your room on a budget. Grab an over-the-door organizer to store all your shoes, slippers, or mick-knocks. A simple wall hook on your closet door will give you extra storage for accessories like belts or scarves.  The space under your bed is a great spot to store any seasonal clothing or extra blankets. Use a vacuum sealed bag to compress your stored items into a smaller manageable pack that is protected from dirt, insects, and moisture.  SHOP STORAGE SOLUTIONS 8. Drape Your Windows with New Covers Blinds are an inexpensive way to give your bedroom a quick refresh. While blinds are more common in other areas of the house, they can provide more versatility in terms of size and colours for your bedroom. Roman shades, a widow covering that blocks out the sun and rolls down smooth is a great option. They come in many colours and decorative styles that can enhance the entire look of your room.  Drapes and curtains are traditional window treatments for your bedroom. They offer a cozier feel to your room and come in many styles and fabrics. A popular choice for bedrooms is blackout curtains that are made with foam-backed opaque fabric and block out any light that would come through average drapery.  SHOP ALL WINDOW COVERINGS 9. Get Creative with Wall Decals Wall decals are a great way to temporarily and affordably change your decor. You can mix and match florals with geometrical patterns or keep it simple by placing a brand foil wall decal on an accent wall. Don’t forget about the kids! There are tonnes of options featuring their favourite characters. from Disney princesses to Spiderman.  SHOP ALL WALL DECALS 10. Install a Mirror to Make Sure Your Outfits are Instagram Worthy A great addition. and a necessity to any bedroom, is a mirror. Make sure those outfits are on point head-to-toe with a standing mirror. A mirror with an ornate frame will add a decorative element to an otherwise functional item. Bask in the spotlight with integrated LED Lights! Built into the frame of the minor, you can change the colour temperatures or dim the light to get the perfect selfie.  Tip: If you have a small room try adding a large mirror to the wall. This will help give the illusion of more space in the room. 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10 Bedroom Design Makeover Ideas for Less | Lowe’s Canada

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